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Movies are available for immediate download in SD 640x480 or HD 1280x720 resolution with the .MP4 or .MOV format.

Do not upload to music streaming sites such as youtube, vimeo, godtube, ect.
Is not intended for re-sale use and is to be used for your organization only.

After ordering, you will be directed to a download link page that will be good for 90 days.

The Traveler:

(Immediate Download)

How are we going to cope with storms coming our way in life?

BUY THE TRAVELER -   Price   $7.77

The Sheriff:

(Immediate Download)

The powers of darkness are not defeated by the weapons of this world.

BUY THE SHERIFF -   Price   $7.77

The Advisor:

(Immediate Download)

The Advisor speaks basic words that are true!

BUY THE ADVISOR -   Price   $7.77

The Leader:

(Immediate Download)

No matter what type of leader you are, a few general rules apply to us all.

BUY THE LEADER -   Price   $7.77

The Tourist:

(Immediate Download)

When we fall down, God will send us help.

BUY THE TOURIST -   Price   $7.77

The Patriot:

(Immediate Download)

Stay safe when celebrating.   This guy nearly blows up Liberty Island.   LOL

BUY THE PATRIOT -   Price   $7.77

The Shopper:

(Immediate Download)

This shopper is looking for satisfaction to fill a God shaped hole in his heart.

BUY THE SHOPPER -   Price   $7.77

The Procrastinator:

(Immediate Download)

Rejecting a saving message of life forevermore, Is like rejecting firemen standing at your door.


The Prophet:

(Immediate Download)

Always remember Gods love for us in His sacrifice.

BUY THE PROPHET -   Price   $7.77

The Saint:

(Immediate Download)

Every Saint should know that everlasting treasures comes from above.

BUY THE SAINT -   Price   $7.77

All Ten Movies (Complete Set)

(Immediate Download)

The Complete set of all ten movies - BEST DEAL!

BUY ALL TEN MOVIES-   Price   $49.00

$4.90 Each: - Where else are illustration movies this affordable?

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